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Hi, I'm Sir Newton

Sir Newton

Hi kids! I'm Sir Newton.

I’m a “rescue dog.” When I was a puppy, I got lost. I was living on the streets and got sick. A policeman found me and took me to the pound, but no one wanted to adopt a sick dog.

Luckily, a volunteer with the Much Love Animal Rescue organization picked me up. Those kind people took care of me until I was well again. Then they introduced me to a great family. I love my new home.

If you see a dog living on the streets, be kind to him. Tell volunteers at a rescue organization so they can help the dog find a new family.

And if you would like to adopt a dog, contact your local dog pound or rescue organization.

Now with the help of my owner, Samantha Clark, I travel around the world to discover wonderful places then share them with children like you. Have fun with the coloring pages on this Web site, then check out the books to get lots of activities and information about all the amazing places I have visited.

If you would like more information or just to chat, email me at

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